Why Choose Me?

A translation draws on three main bodies of knowledge:

i) Knowledge of the source language (SL)

In addition to a first degree in French and a post-graduate qualification (MA in Translation and Interpreting), I’ve lived and worked in France for a total of three years. Most of my 20 years as a translator have been spent working purely from French to English, and during this time, I have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the country, its institutions and culture.

ii) Knowledge of the target language (TL)

It may seem like stating the obvious, but mother-tongue writing skills are a vital and often underestimated ingredient of the translator’s expertise. Once the meaning of a SL sentence has been correctly apprehended, the next step is to render it correctly, concisely and idiomatically in the TL, using appropriate terminology. The TL version should flow well, sound authentic and in short… not read like a translation! Ultimately, the translator is a co-author and a writer.

Click on the Writing tab for some examples of published articles I have written.

iii) Knowledge of the subject matter of the translation

Without this, a contract won’t sound like a contract, an instruction manual may be difficult to follow, and marketing copy may distract, amuse or irritate the reader with stilted, non-idiomatic turns of phrase. Everyone knows what it is like to read a poorly translated text and to think “I know what they’re trying to say….”

In addition to the knowledge I’ve built up over the past 20 years as a translator, my output draws on the 10 years I spent in the business world, selling textiles in Europe and the USA (see CV), coupled with a life-long interest in current affairs.