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Clients and Colleagues

About one quarter of my work is commissioned by colleagues rather than agencies, and I’m happy to recommend the following translators who work with me:

Patricia Brutus MITI, a French > English translator specialising in legal affairs.

Charlie Gobbett,  ITI associate, a French > English translator, specialising in tourism, especially outdoor sports.

Gareth Norbury, a French, German and Italian > English translator, based in Italy, specialising in legal and tax affairs, tourism and technical translation.

Corinne Blésius MITI, an English > French translator and Fr < > Eng interpreter based in France, specialising in legal and financial affairs.

Nicole van den Wittenboer MITI GB<>NL, DPSI Law, a Dutch < > English translator for whom I carry out editing work in English.

Annie Charrondière MITI, an English > French translator, specialising in the legal, environmental and development aid fields.  Annie kindly translated the French version of this website.