Most of my work involves producing translations (French to English only).

In the UK, these are normally billed per 1,000 words of target language, but if clients prefer, I can also quote per word based on the source language, as is standard practice in France.

My clients are mainly translation agencies based in France and the UK, but I also work for a number of colleagues (see Networking section).

Click here to see a list of the books I have translated.

I can also offer a revision service for translations that clients are not happy with, and a proofreading service for English texts, whether translated or not. Both of these services are chargeable by the hour.

In April 2010, I proofread the English translation of a 100,000 word book (“Betrothed to Nature”) on the Norwegian artist Nikolai Astrup. In recent years I have also proofread several schoolbooks published in English by the same company, Det Norske Samlaget.

Client relationships

Whatever the nature of the professional service involved, my aim is to build long-term relationships with clients, based on cooperation, openness and mutual trust. The emphasis is on quality – producing accurately-translated English texts with a good prose style.

For a quotation on any of the above services, complete the form under the Contact tab, or alternatively, phone me on: +44 (0) 7941 389990