Former editor of the ITI French Network newsletter, au courant, from 2004 to 2006.

Over the years, I’ve had a number of articles published in the NWTN and French Network newsletters, and more recently the ITI bulletin (see below).


Books translated:

La Règle du Jeu / A guide to the French property market
produced by Lefèvre Pelletier & Associés, Avocats, France [see lpalaw.com] (120,000 words), translated in 2004

SITA: 80 Years of History / A Private Company Dedicated to Public Services
by Michèle Ruffat and Alain Beltrand (90,000 words), translated in 2000 for Gedev, France [see www.gedev.fr] on behalf of SITA

The Story of the Jacquard Machine / From its origins to the present day
by Jean-Claude Charlin (38,000 words), translated in 2003 for Bridge Translations, UK [see www.bridgetrans.co.uk] on behalf of Stäubli